Reliable Assets, in partnership with
         Bramhope Safety Solutions,
offer an on-line catalogue to assist you with saving time and money when purchasing certified safety supplies.


What do we offer?

Reliable Assets provides a solution to the delivery of improved asset and process visibility through the use of sensor-based technologies regardless of industry.                                                   


The commercial vehicle demand is in the increase and these can be equated to new businesses that are emerging and requires operators in the market to have their fleet and assets well managed. The economic recovery also means that fleets which are being utilized need to be used to their full capacity. Transport is the largest sector in the logistics that negatively affects the environment directly. Changing the landscape of road transport and logistics in South Africa owes to their renowned reliability, competitive prices and service support. Your assets in the office, Hospital, workshop, hotel and business needs to be secured so as to bring in the expected income or save you money. You need to know where your assets are and these are because generally assets are more mobile which makes tracking more important. We are here to make sure that you see financial and operational returns come to your facility as you increase the accuracy of your assets information and safety.

We are fully aware that your employee is your valued asset as such we provide you with a range of protective clothing. We have spread our business wings to cover for all vehicle fitments, batteries, all types of tyres and rims to meet your work needs. To complete our package, we supply with agricultural tractors and equipments while consulting on office automation, so "doing business with us saves you the trouble of running places".

Our Solutions on Offer

• Asset and Fleet Management
• Project Management
• Automobile Fitments
• Personal Safety Solution
• Consulting Services
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