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What do we offer?

Reliable Assets provides a solution to the delivery of improved asset and process visibility through the use of sensor-based technologies regardless of industry.                                                   


RELIABLE ASSETS has joined and established itself as one of the front runners in the transport, logistics and assets management companies to provide the most reliable solution and services for all sizes of fleet and various types of assets, protective clothing and security seals. Our competitiveness is not only on our affordable prices but covers all aspects of fleet owners challenges as well as assets owners who value those assets but are unable to manage them resulting in loss of revenue and so on. We strive to ensure that our partners in the transport, logistics, health and the man in the office are well positioned for the betterment of their customer services as well as the safety of their employees. We strongly believe that it is our partners' concern to have trusted security and compliance for a good return for their investment profitability. Reliable Assets brings with its name efficiency in utilizing your resources, safety and security for your assets as well as compliance on both road use and environmental friendliness. We believe as fleet owners, our partners need information on their mobile assets which will give them visible condition, location and compliance for their assets and its cargo. We provide an integrated model of services and solutions.

Your fear, our concern

RELIABLE ASSETS would like to know a number of your business concerns if it is;
  • knowing and locating your assets for the desired performance and to be able to maintain them in time.
  • time spent on your manual check and extensive record keeping.
  • error prone emanating from inaccurate inventory management system.
  • non compliance with a variety of service level agreement and warranties.
  • loss of production due to non availability or missing of assets.
  • cost of replacement for missing or damaged asset.
  • constant delay and at worst, failure to deliver according to customer expectation. The results there of being that a dissatisfied and disappointed customer cannot be won back easily, the worst is that they spread your inability to satisfy them and the rest is the grave.
  • tempering with goods usually leads to delays caused by investigations and verifications prior to re
  • scheduled plan and delivery.
  • mishandling of cargo containers often result in operational inefficiency, under utilization and at times loss and unplanned replacement cost.
  • we are aware that your yields increase equally and or simultaneously with your expenses this therefore translates to business vicious circle.
  • over and under utilization of your assets usually leads to unplanned, untimely expenditure.
  • inaccurately planned trip usually results in unexpected expensive which hit hard on your budget.
  • if you still rely on police road blocks and border post checks, you may as well trust on lady luck to ensure that your asset is safe.
  • maintaining your valued asset may be your worst nightmare .you only know as to when you need to change oil only when the repair garage informs you.
  • you may not know who is handling your asset and the manner in which it is handled.

What do we offer?

RELIABLE ASSETS provides a solution to the delivery of improved asset and process visibility through the use of sensor-based technologies regardless of industry. Real-time information about assets and processes can save money, avoid loss and improve product and service quality. Barcode, RFID, GPS and other sensor-based technologies have proved beneficial in providing increased visibility. Reliable Assets delivers application platforms and solutions that address these challenges.

We regularly have specials offers on our products or promotional items so please keep visiting our website to participate in these specials or contact us to find out more.

We provide an integrated model of services and solutions . Our wide range of safety wear is on demand in the Mining ,Construction, Transport and Logistics ,Defence Force, Security Industry, SAPS  and Retail Stores to meet their customer needs. For all these ,go to our shop-online catalogue ,when purchasing  certified safety supplies.

Our Service Level Agreement remains a sure case which is what you have been waiting for to enhance your income.

"Together with you we grow"

Reliable Assets is your one stop safety and security supplier partner by supplying our clients with all their needs within the automobile and office sectors.

Reliable Assets is a level 3 BBBEE contributor.

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